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We offer a full line of Premium Quality Compatible Toner Cartridges Including:
Brand Model OEM Part Number
HP 1000/1200 C7115X
HP 1012/1020 Q2612X
HP 1100/3200 C4092A
HP 2100/2200 C4096A
HP 2400 Series Q6511A
HP 3100/3150 C3906A
HP 4/4M/4+/5 92298A
HP 4000/4050 C4127X
HP 4100 C8061A
HP 4200 Q1338A
HP 4250/4350 Q5942A
HP 4300 Q13398A
HP 4345 Q5945A
HP 5000/5100 C4129X
HP 5Si/8000 C3909A
HP 8100/8150 C4182X
HP P2015 Q7553A
HP P3005/M3027 Q7551A
HP P4014/P4015 CC364X
All our compatible toner cartridges are fully guaranteed and warrantied for six months from the date of purchase. Please call for pricing and availability of cartridges not listed. $ 5.00 Flat Rate Shipping within the state of Texas.
People tend not to realize how important
their laser printers , fax machines and
scanners can be until something goes
wrong at the worst time possible. Don’t get
caught off guard!